Stk# E-120AQ

Geeko E-120AQ Blank 2 Hour VHS Format Video Cassette- 120 Minutes Recording Time, Retail Box, No Warranty
Product Overview
The Geeko E-120AG VHS Video cassette bring back a bit of nostalgia. If you have a certain programme or a film you intend to watch but doesn't fit around your busy lifestyle, than this VHS tape will have you covered with 2 hours of recording time., these great  multi-purpose VHS Video Tapes deliver outstanding durability, sharp picture and bright colours. VHS tapes have been made to meet even the most demanding of needs and can easily be used for daily use. Your recorder will make sure that it is ready for all of those times when you're not at home but don't want to miss out.


• Blank High Grade Video Cassette
• Format  VHS 
• Recording time 120 minutes in SP mode
• 360 minutes in Extended Play ( EP) mode
• Provides clearer, sharper pictures, vivid colour and life like sound quality 
• Outstanding tape durability
• capable of withstanding the day-to-day demands of multi-purpose recording. 
• Sold as Single Unit
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Price: R 49.00 
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