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Genius SP-906BT M2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Orange, Retail Box , 1 year Limited Warranty

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Genius SP-906BT M2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Orange, Retail Box , 1 year Limited Warranty
Product Overview:
Enhanced design boosts volume with deep bass effect. With five different metallic colors to choose from, SP-906BT Plus weighs only 185g, thickness is 4.6 cm and the diameter is 8cm. It is smaller and lighter than a baseball and as no burden to suit your active life style.

Better and Better
Designed by professional acoustic engineers, SP-906BT Plus delivers better and high quality sound. There will be no sound break during a high pitch and the low pitch remains clear. Its surround and powerful sound makes you feel like actually being there.
Hyper Bass, Stronger than Ever
With a built-in amplifier, SP-906BT Plus delivers high-decibel music that penetrates into your heart rightly.
10-hours of play
The battery is so durable that SP-906 Plus can play more than 200 songs continuously.
More Listening Options
With a 3.5mm jack, you can have another listening options other than Bluetooth connections.
Carabiner Hook
Made of solid material, the carabiner hook is durable and resistant to rust. With the hook-n-go design, SP-906BT Plus gives you flexible and diverse use!
Built-in Microphone
The high-definition microphone allows you to enjoy clear calling in hands-free mode. With one press of the button to pick up, hang up and call back.
Safety is a Priority
Extra safety design of circuit protection IC prevents battery from explosion! We spare no effort in making you feel secure. You're always safe when using SP-906BT Plus to listen to your favorite tunes!
• Product Code: 317-30007408
• Description: Genius SP-906BT M2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker
• Bluetooth module: 4.1
• Driver unit: 40 mm
• Power output: 3 W
• Frequency response: 100 HZ – 20 K Hz
• Sensitivity: ≧ 70dB
• Wireless operating distance: 10m
• Battery type: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, 780 mAh
• Battery charging interface: Micro USB
• Battery life: 3.5 hours (charging),
• 10 hours (playing time based on 60% playback volume)
• Microphone: YES
• AUX-in: 3.5 mm jack
• Weight: Approx. 185 g
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 83 x 91.5 x 46.75 mm (3.27 x 3.60 x 1.84 inches)

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